We minister to people in need in Bonn and around the world

American Protestant ChurchTo minister to people in need is one of the main activities of APC members and friends. The Missions team wants to create awareness and offer financial and hands on support for people in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but also for needy people at our doorstep here in Bonn. Almost all of the projects we support are very well known, because one of our church members had been in personal contact with project leaders or has even visited the project. This creates a long term relationship, a genuine desire to help and makes each and every project trustworthy. In total, about 20 organizations or people working in a project are supported regularly, some are of them for almost 40 years.

APC stated its commitment to Missions as part of its constitution: At least 12 percent of the annual income go into this ministry. There are special events such as the Global Impact Celebration and the annual Youth Service Trip, there are ongoing fundraisers such as the monthly book table or the so called 20-cent-boxes (for collection of change money), and there are many smaller and bigger activities to back-up the missions purpose. We also have a food cabinet at our church that is stocked with cans and dry foods, coffee, tea and is available to anyone in need. Whenever the shelves look bare, a notice goes out to APC members and they help to fill it again.