APC News & Events

Special concert on Sunday,
November 26th, 0730 pm

Next Sunday a concert combining music and art will take place in our church. The British baritone Benjamin Hewat Craw has put together a program of English Song written on the eve of the First World War. Using three projectors, paintings of the time will be simultaneously projected onto the walls of the church. These paintings will illumine the meanings of the songs and vice versa. The pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti was also a wonderful writer. The texts of the first song cycle are his own as well as the accompanying paintings with the music by the famous composer Ralph Vaughan-Williams. The other two shorter song cycles are by the less well-known composers George Butterworth and Ivor Gurney and accompanied by more modern paintings from the early twentieth century. Benjamin will be accompanied by Yuhao Guo on the keyboard. Both artists would like to express their gratitude for the use of the church for this concert. Free admission, donations are welcome that go partly towards Stimson Memorial Chapel.

Annual Members Meeting FÖRDERVEREIN APC,

December 10th, 1200 am

The annual Membersmeeting of the Förderverein APC, our German non-profitable entity, will take place on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at 12:00H.
All official members but also all who are donating to APC through the Förderverein are invited to join.

Those who are interested to hear more about the Förderverein and how you can get tax-deduction through your giving are also welcome.
The meeting will be in the small meetingroom downstairs and will last max.1H. For more information please contact Renate Roes, secretary@apcbonn.de