Projects all over the World

Casa Iona, Botosani - RomaniaCasa Ioana family

Home for orphaned or abused children

The project to support Casa Ioana started in the year 2008.
This is a home for orphaned or abused children who receive Christian love and care from their new "parents".
The home was started entirely on faith and a sense of God’s calling and is struggling to meet the necessary costs. (www) 

Hilfe für Kinder in Chatterhat e.V, Bihar / West Bengal -India

2014 December Children in ChatterhatHelp for children providing schooling and care

Since 2003.
The project was introduced to APC by our organist, Hans-Peter Bähr, who supports it with concerts.
The project was started by Marianne Döring to provide schooling and care for children in Chatterhat.
Villages providing a home with house mothers, schooling and training for skills.
Mrs Döring visits India regularly, sends reports and photographs and she and her friend Mrs Bossmann have visited APC several times. (www)

Damien Social Welfare Centre, Jharkhand - India

Provide schooling and training for a foster child

Since 1975. APC has supported children of leprosy patients at the leprosy hospital, to provide schooling and training. The Damian Welfare Organisation runs the leprosy hospital and gives care and schooling for patients’ families.
We have been supporting a foster child in Nirmala Girls School, Govindpur since 1975; as they grow up and finish schooling or training, we support another child. Regular reports are sent concerning the child’s studies and well being and we get a picture and handwritten cards every Christmas and Easter. (www)

Exodus Homes , U.S. registered charity, Hickory - USA

Help to homeless people to become

reintegrated into society

The project helps homeless people, often after periods in prison, to become re-integrated into society and to earn their own living. They have renovated homes to form a community and learned trades. The project relies on donations and last year the staff took no payment for themselves in order to keep the project going. (www)

Giraffe Project, UK registrated charity, Nairobi - Kenya

school kidsThe gift of education for children
living in the slums of Nairobi

Founded in 2005 by Richard and Denise Baines. Our founders are international educators, our board of all volunteer directors comes from across Europe.

Our mission: Helping children break the poverty cycle

Our mission is to provide a first class education for the very deprived children in the Nairobi slums, from primary school through college or university.Our aim is for these children to break the poverty cycle and become established and productive citizens.

Our approach 

  • We sponsor over 400 pupils at three partner schools that provide a wonderful education and the pastoral care they need.
  • We take on projects together with our Kenyan staff and trusted local partners.

  • We create better learning environments for our students and the community, such as building classrooms, setting up labs and libraries and providing computer equipment.
  • We have personally known every local partner for many years, making sure your money is used you and we intended.

    Giraffe sponsorship - 2021 InfoFlyer

Herrnhuter Missionshilfe e.V., Sternberg / Ramallah - Palestine

Provide educational and other facilities for handicapped children

Since 2011. Support of the "Moravian Institute" in Rajpur, North India. To demonstrate the love of God in Jesus Christ by providing excellent educational and other facilities primarily to needy children. 

In 2012, the Herrnhuter recommended that APC change funding from the project in India to one in Palestine for handicapped children.
Find more information on "you tube"
and on (www)

ILOILO House of Refuge, Central Philippine University, JARO, ILOILO CITY - Philippines

The misson of Iloilo House of Refuge is committed to rebuilding broken lives

Various missions/programs rendered by Social Workers. Coordinated by the Head of the Social Welfare Administration Prof. Carol Blando at Central Philippine University.
PROVIDE temporary shelter, immediate needs and care of abandoned Babies and arrangement of "foster families" for these poor babies.

Day Care Centers, Feeding programs to
underprivileged, indigent, malnourished Children.

RELOCATION for the Homeless like those living under the bridges etc.

PROVIDE temporary shelter/ refuge of Women and Children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual harassment ( abused & raped)

EMERGENCY assistance like „Emergency room " to provide immediate needs of Women and Children in Crisis. This includes physical security, medical, legal, Psychological and spiritual counseling services.

THE TEMPORARY SHELTER SERVICES provides immediate refuge or sanctuary to Women and Children in Crisis and allows them at most 14 days temporary shelter for free including food, toiletries etc.

The Philippine Self-Help Foundation (PSHF)

The Philippine Self-Help Foundation (PSHF) has been working for more than 30 years to lift people out of poverty and respond to their critical needs.

Based in the Visayas region of the Philippines, PSHF primarily focuses on providing micro-finance loans that enable people to start or expand a small business to provide income for their families. Additionally, PSHF makes medical grants for life-giving surgeries, provides student loans for higher education, and operates a kindergarten for at-risk children in Cebu.

APC’s support of PSHF serves as a practical, grass-roots way to provide start-up capital and make a transformational impact for persons trapped in poverty.

St. Andrews Childrens Home, UK registered charity, Lima - Peru

Xmas 2014 St.Andrews Childrens HomeHome for abandoned and handicaped children

Since 1996.
Brian and Betty Attwell of the UK founded this home in Chosica, Lima, Peru for children abandoned by their parents and handicapped children.
Sadly Brian died in 2010, but Betty is carrying on the work.
The children are given a home and taken care of until they are old enough to take care of themselves.
The handicapped children often stay much longer. In 2009 APC visited the home in preparation for the APC Fashion Show. (www)

Tahan Theological College (TTC) in Kalaymyo, Myanmar

Tahan Theological College (TTC) is actively engaged in preparing the next generation of Christian leaders

for many ethnic minority people groups who comprise the majority of Christians in their emerging nation. TTC, a leading Protestant theological college in northwest Myanmar, counts Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, and persons from other Christian denominations among its 150 students.

While nearly all students come from very poor communities and face many challenges, TTC is making a positive impact for Christ by preparing its students to serve as pastors, Christian education directors, and missionaries in the churches and communities of Myanmar. APC’s support provides student scholarships and helpful responses to specific needs identified by TTC.

Tyrand Cooperative Ministries, Inc., Tyrand / West Virginia - USA

Providing help where needed in a very poor area of the USA

Since 2006. Providing school supplies, clothing, food, and helping the elderly and handicapped where needed in an area without clean water or electricity. This area of the USA is very poor as mines have closed and many families have no work.

APC members Gudrun and Julia Horstkotte also support this project by visiting in the summer to help with summer bible school for the children, etc., and in 2012 raffled a quilt at APC made by the women of Tyrand. (www)

United World Mission, South America

Support of theological Education to missionary scholars 

The mission of UWM’s Theological Education Initiative is to field and support missionary scholars who will contribute biblical theological education that is contextually relevant for the equipping of God’s people to serve the church and society. UWM is registered as a non-profit organization in the US. 

APC supports Christopher and Michelle Hays at their work in Latin America.
Please see their latest report - October 2017 update - (www)

Wycliff Deutschland e.V., Bafut - Cameroon

Support to translate the new Testament to Bafut language

Since 198. APC has been supporting Joseph Mfonyam in Cameroon while he translated the New Testament into the Bafut language. He also trains new translators and organizes literacy classes to enable church members to read the bible and take the gospel to their home villages. The bible has also been recorded in Bafut and tapes and players are provided for those who can not read.

At the same time he is translating small books on HIV-prevention together with other organizations and the government of Cameroon. His wife is educating the people about HIV-transmission and they are taking care of pregnant HIV positive females before delivering their child. Joseph Mfonyam visits APC every few years. (www)