We all are aware of the continuing spread of the coronavirus and the hard lockdown measures that the government is taking to reduce the number of new cases and hospitalizations that are putting stress on the nation’s health care system. In the midst of this pandemic, we believe it is our responsibility as a Christian community to support these measures with our prayers and our actions. 

Therefore, by a unanimous vote, the Council has decided the following actions  will remain in effect until 15th March 2021, or longer, if necessary.

  1. All groups must meet virtually. There are to be no face-to-face group meetings in any location.
  2. We will have Live Stream worship services at 10:00 with no worshippers in the church sanctuary. The only persons in the church building will be the Tech Team and a few people leading the worship service.
  3. There will be no Children’s Church held in the building, but we will have a ZOOM Children's Church from 09:30 - 10:00 every Sunday.
  4. All music groups must use previously recorded music in worship services until 15th March 2021.
Of course, we all want to be together as an APC family of faith on all Sundays for worship and fellowship. Being together as the body of Christ is in our spiritual DNA. But, sadly, the realities of the pandemic have led us to make these difficult decisions.

Two key reasons for these decisions during the COVID crisis are:

Sacrificial Love – At a time when the hard lockdown in Germany is causing people to close their businesses, children to stay home from school, and many people to make significant sacrifices to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, we think that it is important for us as a Christian community, and as a matter of Christian witness, to stand in solidarity with our community and the nation by actively supporting the government’s measures to protect the health of people and reduce the spread of disease. Our intent in taking these actions is to reflect the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ.

Using Our Freedom to Do What is Beneficial, not just what is lawful. We are blessed with a constitutional right of freedom to worship. However, in the midst of a very serious public health crisis, we believe that we can choose to use our freedom not as a source of privilege, but rather as a way to take actions that are highly beneficial and constructive for the greater good of our neighbors. (1 Corinthians 10:23-24).

Please know that you are in our hearts and our prayers during this difficult time. We trust that, by God’s grace and power, we will come through these dark winter days with the light of Christ’s love burning brightly within us and among us, as we journey with Christ through a hope-filled 2021

May the Light and the Love of Jesus Christ be with you and your families always,